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sponsor speaks

Here is a "cheat sheet" that outlines the kinds of topics we might want to cover off in the sponsor/senior stakeholder overview at the start of the release planning phase:

Introduction to the project
-    Why are we here?
-    Why is this project important to our stakeholders?

Success criteria
-    Ranking of trade-offs, what will we negotiate first?
    o    Cost – How fixed is the budget?
    o    Schedule - How fixed is the schedule?
    o    Scope – How fixed is the scope?
    o    What are the other key project goals?

Benefits model
-    Increase Revenue? Avoid Costs? Improve Service?
-    Priorities? Primary / Secondary

Financial model
-    Size of the prize: ROI expectations
-    Size, timing and basis of funding

-    Alignment with calendar events (trade shows / year end / market opportunities)
-    Duration, Phases, Milestones

Business objectives
-     Project objectives and strategy
-     Alignment with department objectives and strategy
-     Alignment with corporate objectives and strategy

Introducing the Team
-    Roles and responsibilities