ScrumMaster cheat sheet

  • Give the team clear focus: on the sprint goal, on the sprint duration, on the product
  • Remove Impediments: solve, remove and escalate impediments
  • Empower the team: to manage their work, to accept reponsibility, to update the team wall and sprint burn down, to solve problems
  • Protect the team
    • from additional work being "sneaked" into the sprint from business, PM, Management
  • Promote collaboration: across functions, across teams, across boundries
Typical ScrumMaster Tasks that overlap with Project Management
  • Project Kick-offs and Celebrations: Book, Fund, Facilitate
  • Teams: Create, Empower, Protect, Define Structure & Roles & Responsibilities
  • Scrum of Scrums: Book meeting, Facilitate, Remove or Escalate Impediments
  • Status Reporting: Translate Story List, Burn Charts, Sprint Plan, Team Wall, into traditional status reports
  • Issue Management: aka Impediment Backlog, Escalate, Publish, Resolve
  • Workspace: Acquire, Arrange, Approve Changes, Improve
  • Equipment, Tools, Toys and Food: Approve, Fund, Procure, Distribute
  • One-on-one team member coaching: Book, Followup, Remediate
  • Walk the floor: Manage by walking around
  • Release Planning: Book meeting, Prepare, Present, Capture, Publish
  • Estimation: Book meeting, Prepare, Facilitate, Capture, Publish
  • Release Burn Up Chart: Calculate, Publish, Maintain
  • Sprint Schedule: Set, Publish, Maintain
  • Capacity Planning: Forecast, Calculate, Publish
  • Capacity Tracking: Capture Holidays, Sick Leave, Non-Project Work
  • Resource cost forecasting: Calculate, Publish
  • Resource cost tracking: Capture, Publish
  • Scope and change management moves to the Product Owner role

Typical ScrumMaster Tasks
  • Training: Introduce Scrum, Demonstrate, Support, Mentor, Promote
  • StandUp: Book meeting, Facilitate, Improve
  • Impediment Backlog: Maintain and Escalate
  • Sprint Planning: Book meeting, Facilitate, Document, Publish
  • Implement Slack: Plan 80% of capacity
  • Sprint Review: Book meeting, Prepare, Facilitate, Capture, Publish
  • Sprint Retrospective: Book meeting, Prepare, Facilitate, Capture, Publish
  • Improvements: Create Cards, Display, Track
  • Definition of Done: Define, Publish, Maintain, Improve
  • Definition of Ready: Define, Publish, Maintain, Improve
  • Team Wall: Acquire, Setup, Maintain, Improve
  • Limit Work In Progress: Promote Finishing Work, Lower Utilisation, Setup Kanban Limit
  • Sprint Burn Down Chart: Capture, Display, Interpret
  • Analysis: Redefine, Train, Mentor, Improve
  • Story Cards: Create, Display, Track, Maintain
  • Backlog Refinement: Book meeting, Facilitate, Improve, Publish
  • Story Narratives: Review, Improve
  • Acceptance Criteria: Implement practice, Review, Improve (PO defines per story)
  • Design: Redefine, Mentor, Improve
  • Testing: Redefine, Automate, Improve, Track
  • Defects: Create Cards, Track, Display