kanban materials list

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Big Index Cards 102mm x 152mm assorted colours 500 pack  
Small Index Cards 76mm 127 mm assorted  
Blutac Blu Tack  
Post-It Notes Post-it 654-5SSUC Super Sticky Notes 73mm x 73mm Pk/5 Useful for Retrospectives and for Tasks 
Team Laminator Cheap Officeworks A3 Laminator Team's own laminator for laminating signs, avatars and icons 
Laminating pouches A4 laminating pouches  
Big Laminating Pouches A3 laminating pouches Good for big signs, charts and posters 
Masking Tape Blue masking tape For marking out lanes 
Small Post It Tags Post-it 653AN Neon Notes 35 x 47.6mm Pk/12 Good for tagging cards 
Huge Sticky Flip Chart  3M Easel Pad Quick Signs and Posters for team walls 
Big Square Post Its 98mm Super Sticky Ultra Post It Notes For quick column headings / large tasks 
Pink Post-It Notes Pink Post-Its For blocked items 
Sharpie Marker Pens Sharpies Pk/12 For workshops, writing cards, for retrospectives. Get extra. 
Thin Board Tape Officeworks 6mm whiteboard grid tape  
White Board Collaborative Design Y? boards Order from peterb@cdspace.com.au 
Magnets Black 20mm Magnets For identifying kanban limits while attaching index cards 
Showing 16 items