Introduction to Kanban

Join us for the new updated two day course that includes:
  • New exercises and simulations for fast and effective learning
  • Improvements and refinements from the successful beta-test
  • Small class size (maximum of 14 students)
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The Kanban method is a popular Agile method for managing work, based on Lean and System Thinking concepts.  It has a focus on visualising the work, limiting the work to the team capacity and providing improved time to market and better predictability. 

This two day course covers the theory and practice of the Kanban process including:
  • How Kanban fits in with Lean, Agile and Scrum
  • How to visualise your workflow and create a team Kanban board
  • How to reduce time to market by using Work in Progress (WIP) limits 
  • How to use charting and statistics to measure and manage flow
  • The critical trade-offs between lead time, WIP limits, throughput, batch size and utilisation
  • The three key Kanban feedback mechanisms: The Daily Meeting, The Improvement Katas, The Operations Review
  • The principles for successfully adopting Kanban 

Also gain hands-on practice through playing the the latest getKanban Game (v3). This game immerses us in a detailed simulation of product development using Kanban and is a great way to learn:
  • How to use Kanban across software analysis, development and testing roles
  • Practice measuring and visualising key process metrics such as cycle time, cumulative flow and financial results
  • Learn how to handle fixed-date work and urgent work using Kanban
  • Try your hand at managing a Kanban project and see the impact of your management policies!

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